About us

Our beginnings date back to 1993, when the company Astero d.o.o. was officially established. The company’s core business is machine automation – design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning.

We’ve been defying Slovenian, as well as foreign markets, with our high-quality products successfully for over 30 years. Over the years we, thoughtfully and in step with developments, followed trends and successfully adapted to them.

But our main vision for the company remains the same over the years. Regardless of the market pressures, we remain loyal to both quality and competitive prices. But what really distinguishes us is the fact that we always deliver all orders within the agreed deadline.

Spare parts and service materials are always on stock, which enables us quick and efficient service.

We offer a multi-year warranty for all our products.

We have already implemented and equipped over:

250 machines for baling various waste

700 municipal vehicles for waste collection

200 freestanding press containers

100 communal lawn mowers (both truck and tractor)

700 plows for road machinery

60 spreaders for road machinery

And many other machines, upgrades and automation of devices.

If you have any questions or you are in need of inquiry, do not hasitate to contact us on our email adress or contact form.